In February 2017 Thailand held the ninth 2017 Bangkok Motorbike Festival Motorcycle Festival, held in Bangkok, the famous Central World World Shopping Center, with free admission, the success of attracting a large number of manufacturers and fans to the scene.Bangkok Motorcycle Festival has a lot of new cars, modified cars, knight supplies and spare parts display,able to attract a lot of modified owners.       Read More >>
The customer's goods have been prepared, immediately shipped to the port, and hope that our professional packaging will give customers a surprise. Far away, I hope the customer's goods can be successfully arrived!        Read More >>
Our colleagues in the development department have developed new products that can make two colors on a rim. Before the customer has made this demand, through our continuous research, and ultimately to achieve this effect.Such a product will make your motorcycle become the focus, if you also need not hesitate to contact us!         Read More >>
Our company's R & D department found a new color, that is chocolate color, oxidation in the hub, result is good.This color is relatively rare, can increase the personality of your motorcycle, become the focus!       Read More >>
MotoGP official website released the 2017 season's daily table, compared with the 2016 season, the new season still retains 18 races.The schedule is as follows: Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of each opponent!       Read More >>
We have modified the wheels according to the customer's requirements,changed from the forged wheel to spoked wheel. Customers are satisfied with the product, if you have such a demand please feel free to contact us!       Read More >>
Thanks for cooperate with JS company and factory, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this while.Here is JS Chinese Spring Festival holiday information, please note it. JS office: 23th, Jan. ~  ...       Read More >>
Although not a food, motorcycle helmets do have a "shelf life" one said, most of the helmets manufacturers will recommend that you replace the helmet after five years, such as Shoei. Of course, you can say that this is the vendor's sales strategy; but some of the more stringent recommendations from helmet sales and nothing to do with the third-party motorcycle safety organizations, such as the United States Moto ...       Read More >>
Motorcycles in the factory will be affixed with some warning stickers,but these warning signs is too unpleasant, and good news that they can easily be removed, this article I have to demonstrate how to operate.What you need is a clean rag, and mild solvent such as WD 40.First of all, with a gentle breeze, to maintain a certain distance swinging blowing, be careful not to overheat.Sticker hot, with a fingertip grabbed the corner to 90 degre ...       Read More >>
The annual Consumer Electronics Show in January (CES) has been unveiled in Las Vegas.The Honda first exhibited with automatic balance function and adjustable front suspension angle of the concept car naturally become the focus of the global motorcycle.At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017, HONDA expressed the hope that by using large data, artificial intelligence and robotics and other technologies to change the cu ...       Read More >>

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