The annual Consumer Electronics Show in January (CES) has been unveiled in Las Vegas.

The Honda first exhibited with automatic balance function and adjustable front suspension angle of the concept car naturally become the focus of the global motorcycle.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in 2017, HONDA expressed the hope that by using large data, artificial intelligence and robotics and other technologies to change the current traffic ecology; alleviate traffic congestion problems, reduce traffic accidents and allow users to enjoy the fun of driving pleasure.

HONDA also said that by showing the prototype car show HONDA R & D results, and has automatic balance function NC750S is born under this premise.

In fact, just a brief introduction HONDA RIDING ASSIST MOTORCYCLE (Honda assist driving motorcycles) data. HONDA said the development of HONDA RIDING ASSIST MOTORCYCLE purpose is to reduce the motorcycle at rest when the risk of falling, so that the Cavaliers without fear to drive.

In addition, HONDA also said that the balance technology is different from other depot gyro technology (believed to refer to earlier BMW has released the same automatic balance function VISION NEXT 100), but into the UNI-CUB balance technology, the technology from HONDA Of the signs - ASIMO robot.

In addition to automatic balance, but also can adjust the fork angle, elongated and shorten the track, change the steering reaction and a sense of stability of the road.

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