Motorcycles in the factory will be affixed with some warning stickers,but these warning signs is too unpleasant, and good news that they can easily be removed, this article I have to demonstrate how to operate.

What you need is a clean rag, and mild solvent such as WD 40.First of all, with a gentle breeze, to maintain a certain distance swinging blowing, be careful not to overheat.Sticker hot, with a fingertip grabbed the corner to 90 degrees to take it off, so you can avoid tearing, it will not leave traces.

If there are residual offset, then wipe the cloth in the solvent slowly wipe off to determine the rag is clean, preferably microfiber material, because it is the most soft, do not be too hard, it would hurt To the surface.Stickers attached to their own can also use this method to remove.


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