The customer's goods have been prepared, immediately shipped to the port, and hope that our professional packaging will give customers a surprise. Far away, I hope the customer's goods can be successfully arrived!        Read More >>
Our colleagues in the development department have developed new products that can make two colors on a rim. Before the customer has made this demand, through our continuous research, and ultimately to achieve this effect.Such a product will make your motorcycle become the focus, if you also need not hesitate to contact us!         Read More >>
Our company's R & D department found a new color, that is chocolate color, oxidation in the hub, result is good.This color is relatively rare, can increase the personality of your motorcycle, become the focus!       Read More >>
We have modified the wheels according to the customer's requirements,changed from the forged wheel to spoked wheel. Customers are satisfied with the product, if you have such a demand please feel free to contact us!       Read More >>
Thanks for cooperate with JS company and factory, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this while.Here is JS Chinese Spring Festival holiday information, please note it. JS office: 23th, Jan. ~  ...       Read More >>
Although not a food, motorcycle helmets do have a "shelf life" one said, most of the helmets manufacturers will recommend that you replace the helmet after five years, such as Shoei. Of course, you can say that this is the vendor's sales strategy; but some of the more stringent recommendations from helmet sales and nothing to do with the third-party motorcycle safety organizations, such as the United States Moto ...       Read More >>
Motorcycles in the factory will be affixed with some warning stickers,but these warning signs is too unpleasant, and good news that they can easily be removed, this article I have to demonstrate how to operate.What you need is a clean rag, and mild solvent such as WD 40.First of all, with a gentle breeze, to maintain a certain distance swinging blowing, be careful not to overheat.Sticker hot, with a fingertip grabbed the corner to 90 degre ...       Read More >>
Our daily cycling, I believe that the vast majority of friends have encountered a seemingly small problem - when the car chain in the riding, "flap" of the hair ring.Rider in the riding which can certainly feel the motorcycle tightness, motorcycle chain is too loose, it is easy to hit the chain cover, or even fall chain cause secondary hazards; chain is too tight, the energy loss will be large, will Very easy to chain. Therefore, to master the &quo ...       Read More >>
I believe most people have encountered the same problem, that is, a motorcycle ride a long chain of noise will become increasingly large, in addition to the chain of oil for too long did not spray lubricants recession, the stick in the chain sand / small stone is also one of the reasons, another factor is the beginning of the chain gap is too tight tone.Therefore, we have to clean the chain in time to ensure that the chain Life and our "life safety ...       Read More >>
Conventional maintenance can extend the life of off-road motorcycles. How to extend the life of motorcycles? It's all about making sure your car gets the right routine preventive maintenance. Here are a total of three tips that will keep your motorcycle running at its best.1. Often for oil.This is probably the most important preventive maintenance you can carry out. The oil helps the internal components to lubricate, which m ...       Read More >>

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